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April 20, 2009


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Season Moore

What a precious doll baby!

Kristie Chadwick

I just love the last one so "king of the playground"!


Wow... thanks for sharing this. I love the quote as well. What a beautiful little boy you have!


What a cutie! Oh, and that last image is so adorable!


I can't believe he could annoy anyone. He seems so charming and adorable, who can resist talking to that sweetheart!


What a sweetheart he is. I bet the lady on the bench will remember him with a smile.

Michelle Haley

What a cutie! Your images of him are fabulous and posting the *interview* totally adds to these!


What a little sweetheart! I love these!


OMG, that last one is stunning


ohhh, what a CUTE story and wonderful images!! thank you for sharing this adorable exchange!

bobbi coleman

he is a charmer. i would have welcomed that interruption myself. that innocence is so short lived. i always feel so lucky anytime i am touched by it.

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